Saturday, July 26, 2008

Trotting Lightly

The day starts early in the woods of Wentworth Location, NH, where the deep puddles of last night's rain are settling into the forest floor. Rick Alger isn't about to bring his horses Ruby and Emma out today if the rain were to continue. Logging a damp forest, horses or machinery, could spell disaster. Rick doesn't want to risk affecting the roots of the trees he would leave standing.

A narrow path must first be cut in a section of the woods for the horses' cart to make its way through. The mossy carpet covering the ground is spongy soft and makes for an ideal layer for the days activity. The horse barely make a mark as they trot over it.

Rick has been horse logging for years and is finding a niche with people, such as private land owners and trusts, who are truly concerned about preserving their property while sustainably harvesting trees. This particular job in northern New Hampshire won't make him a millionaire, but Rick finds beauty in the landscape, the solitude, his work and the respect the land owners have for the territory.

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