Monday, July 7, 2008

Mountainous Houses

Russ Dinallo builds log houses most people could only dream about. Seriously. The one he's working on now has rumors spreading in the town of Littleton, New Hampshire, where it's being built for a successful land owner. "That's a million-dollar log house he's building," said a guy in town who was selling neatly stacked piles of hardwood to tourists for campfires.
Russ also happens to be one of the nicest guys I've met in Northern New Hampshire. Before I left his job site he filled my trunk with perfectly chopped pieces of firewood for my future nights of camping.

Russ builds for MountainHouse Construction, and when I say build I mean this in the true craftsman sense of the word. These logs are hand peeled, hand scribed, hand carved (aside from some chainsaw magic) and then placed together like a fine piece of Amish furniture. The fact that this type of craftsmanship still exists in the United States today places a silver lining on the stormy clouds of the American economy. It's just too bad this is a million dollar house.

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