Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Living Forest Co-op (part deux)

I have now left Ashland and am spending a night catching up on editing in Duluth, Minnesota en Route to Lyle, MN. It's nice to still be on the Lake and in the home of Mr. Dylan.
Before I embark on the next week's work there are a few more photos from Charly Ray and his pals at the Living Forest that should see the light of day here. I have to thank Charly for giving me the opportunity to stay in his cabin/sauna made from wood largely of his own land. It was a great cabin in the woods (not exactly roughing it with a nice shower, internet and amenities about 40') and only a mile and a half from a nice, low traffic Lake Superior Beach which I had the good fortune to make a few jogs to. If I had to guess I would say that Charly's daughter would do better alone in the woods than myself. Just before I left he told me a story about how she decided that she wanted to sleep in a snow hut last winter .... and after the first night she was enthused about it enough to want to do it on a more consistent basis...fearless.

Anyways here are some photos, that hopefully can inform a little bit more about the people in the Living Forest Co-op.

LFC Forester Thomas Wyse marks out a land management plan for a 40 acre plot in possession of a Bayfield landowner.

Charly and kids water the blueberries...

Forestry Technician Andy Ledin manages a brushfire.

Charly and his kids spend a moment playing on a summer morning before he heads off to work.

Landowner Tom Frizelle walks through his land marked off for a commencing timber sale organized by the Living Forest Co-op.

Breakfast at the Ray's house where the family tries to eat locally produced goods as much as possible. Watermelon and yogurt are a few examples.

Forestry Technician Andy Ledin clears out a landowner's woods cutting low grade wood into pieces of fire wood that will be used to heat the home.

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